Advantages of 433MHz Active RFID

The 433MHz active RFID technology designed by GuardRFID is energy efficient as a core requirement. This results in tags that are smaller, lighter and have longer battery life than the competition.

For example, our TotTags for infants are 40% smaller and 2/3 the weight of a leading competitor’s Wi-Fi infant tag, while providing 36 times longer battery life. While our AT-4 Article Tag is 70% smaller and 1/4 the weight of a leading competitor’s Wi-Fi asset tag with a similar battery life of up to 36 months.

In addition, 433MHz can be scaled to operate in high-density tag deployments so there are rapid system response times no matter how many tags are used. 433 MHz also offers the strongest immunity to wireless interference so tags are always detected no matter how many different types of wireless, Bluetooth, or IoT devices are used in your facility, ensuring that critical alarms are always detected.

“… there are use cases of expensive assets where the organization has determined that the asset is a flight risk. In this case it requires a more expensive — yet strong — “unblockable” RFID solution, such as 433 megahertz (MHz), so that assets cannot be lost or stolen.”

– From Gartner Research Note “Market Guide for Indoor Location Application
Platforms; Annette Zimmermann, Tim Zimmerman 10 October 2018”

RTLS Solution Architecture


  • GuardRFID hardware infrastructure deployed at the customer site
  • An enterprise grade server software deployed on-premise or in the cloud
  • Active RFID tags carried or attached to the people or asset being monitored or protected
  • Integration to third-party systems for data exchange, alarm generation and other purposes
  • Mobile and desktop clients for users to monitor and control the solution
  • Rich set of reports that can be used for a variety of diagnostic and regulatory purposes

How GuardRFID RTLS Works

Triangulation using 433MHz active RFID technology

Tag Readers are installed at regular intervals to work together and provide the location of tags based on the relative beacon strength.

Exciters for room level, floor level, and fast response situations

Tag Exciters are installed at entry and exits to rooms, buildings and important locations to ensure tags are identified on approach through the exciter field.

Controllers for access control and alarms

Tag Reader Controllers are connected to door and elevator controls to help provide access control and generate activate alarm response like alarm lights and sounders.

Different clients for different needs

The GuardRFID RTLS solution includes the use of the AllGuard software. Users can access the software from a desktop computer, web browser or mobile device for added flexibility.

Options for indoors and outdoors

Infrastructure equipment is available in indoor and outdoor models to provide RTLS to various environments. Including -EX model equipment that are rated for potentially explosive hazardous environments. Includes different connectivity options.

Variety of tags for a range of operations

GuardRFID provides tags of different sizes, weights, and applications to meet your requirements. You can choose tags with special features like tamper detection, call alerts, fall detection, temperature sensing, motion detection and rated for hazardous environments.

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