Is Asset Tracking Right for You?


  • Reduce loss and theft with real-time visibility of healthcare assets.

  • Quickly find much-need equipment and maximize asset utilization.


  • Accurate floor discrimination provides precise equipment location regardless of building complexity.

  • Proven for high-density tag deployments with rapid system response times.


  • Prompt alerts if assets are moved unexpectedly.

  • Generate a variety of reports for inventory audits.

Why GuardRFID for Asset Tracking?

Gain continuous visibility of your assets and equipment with our Asset Tracking Healthcare Solution that allows you to maximize use of your equipment, and guard against loss and theft.

  • Create smarter assets

    Know where equipment is and also its usability status

    • Prevent staff from searching for equipment that is already in use
    • Achieve maximum equipment use
  • Broad selection of tags

    Locate and track equipment in real-time with low-profile and durable tags

    • Battery life is measured in years
    • Tamper-detecting tags also available

How RTLS for Asset Tracking Works

Asset Tracking RTLS - How It Works

Locate, track, and secure your healthcare equipment in real-time

The solution uses the GuardRFID® suite of infrastructure hardware and AllGuard® enterprise software to identify tags, manage tag rules, activate alarms and control doors. Each piece of equipment is assigned a tag – its location is seen in real-time, while the software activates alarms when tagged items move from secured areas. By integrating long-range RTLS and close-range portal detection in a single system, the solution provides a unique element of floor discrimination. Support of the IHE PCD standards allows the status of certain assets, such as IV Pumps, to be viewed from the AllGuard Client software.


  • Our small WiFi asset tags provide real-time view of the location & status of your equipment

  • Leverages existing WiFi infrastructure

  • Can be easily expanded

  • Up to 70% of existing WiFi infrastructure in current facilities are RTLS ready

Is Asset Tracking Right for You?

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I think GuardRFID’s customer service has been spectacular!

"I would absolutely recommend TotGuard. First, the product is very good. When you look at what it is that clinicians need to do and how they need to keep their patients safe, you need a product that is highly versatile, that doesn’t cause additional alarms, and is user friendly. And TotGuard is all those things. But secondly, I think GuardRFID’s customer service has been spectacular! "

Dixie Weber

Administrator of Women’s and Urological Services St. Luke’s Health System, Boise, Idaho

We were recently able to prevent a $180,000 USD bulldozer from leaving the yard.

“Thanks to an alert that came through from the AllGuard system, we were recently able to prevent a $180,000 USD bulldozer from leaving the yard without authorization or the right paperwork."

Eric Strid

Director of IT, Linder Industrial Machinery Co.

I see TotGuard as having an immediate return on investment.

“A strong infant security system is vital to the functioning and continued operation of any unit caring for infant and pediatric patients. I see TotGuard as having an immediate return on investment to our organization and to the safety and security of our patients and families.”

Mary Salazar

Regional Director of Women & Infant Services, Conway Regional Health System

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