Is Contact Tracing Right for You?


  • Know immediately who may have encountered someone who is diagnosed with an infectious disease, such as COVID-19.

  • Monitor access to the facility to regulate usage and minimize risks.


  • Control, document, and coordinate material, people, and object flows throughout your facility.

  • Control traffic flow to reduce contact incidents.


  • Set and maintain area or room thresholds.

  • Reduce touchpoints with hands-free access control.

Why GuardRFID® for Contact Tracing?

The GuardRFID Contact Tracing Solution allows you to create a work environment that prioritizes everyone’s health and safety by deploying contact, path, location, and room tracing.


    Automatically log staff movement in a report to quickly catalog instances of direct contact

    • Take the guesswork out of contact tracing
    • Manage visitors and contractors on site

    Automatically unlock and open doors after a staff member’s identity has been verified

    • Hands-free access at frequently used entranceways
    • Integrates with third-party technologies

How RTLS for Contact Tracing Works

contact tracing

Easily trace contact with affected staff during health emergencies

The Contact Tracing Solution uses the GuardRFID suite of infrastructure and AllGuard® enterprise software to identify tags, manage tag rules, activate alarms and control doors. Each staff member is assigned a tag so that its location can be logged and audited. Operators use the AllGuard desktop client to generate reports of staff movement, and the system automatically synchronizes RTLS data with integrated software to manage staff, users, tag assignments and access control.


  • Our WiFi RFID tags communicate directly with our AllGuard software in real-time

  • Leverages existing WiFi infrastructure

  • WiFi Staff Tags support wireless charging & configurable settings

  • Up to 70% of existing WiFi infrastructure in current facilities are RTLS ready

Is Contact Tracing Right for You?

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I think GuardRFID’s customer service has been spectacular!

"I would absolutely recommend TotGuard. First, the product is very good. When you look at what it is that clinicians need to do and how they need to keep their patients safe, you need a product that is highly versatile, that doesn’t cause additional alarms, and is user friendly. And TotGuard is all those things. But secondly, I think GuardRFID’s customer service has been spectacular! "

Dixie Weber

Administrator of Women’s and Urological Services St. Luke’s Health System, Boise, Idaho

We were recently able to prevent a $180,000 USD bulldozer from leaving the yard.

“Thanks to an alert that came through from the AllGuard system, we were recently able to prevent a $180,000 USD bulldozer from leaving the yard without authorization or the right paperwork."

Eric Strid

Director of IT, Linder Industrial Machinery Co.

I see TotGuard as having an immediate return on investment.

“A strong infant security system is vital to the functioning and continued operation of any unit caring for infant and pediatric patients. I see TotGuard as having an immediate return on investment to our organization and to the safety and security of our patients and families.”

Mary Salazar

Regional Director of Women & Infant Services, Conway Regional Health System

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